Ki4477 Roach

US $ 290.00

With the Titanium frame and S35VN blade, this compact knife will be a survivor in more than just the name! No matter where you conceal the compact Roach, it will find opportunities to present itself during moments when you need it the most. Adorned with hand hugging curves, this Roach will be the one you cannot bear to put down.

  • Folding Knives
  • Matt Degnan
  • No
  • Titanium
  • CPM-S35VN
  • No
  • 198g/6.98oz
  • 88.8mm/3.5in
  • 211.3mm/8.32in
  • 4mm/0.16in
  • Frame Lock
Matt Degnan
A self-admitted metalsmith, Matt Degnan has been designing and making highly acclaimed blades to realize his true passion as a custom knife maker.
Design Story

Kizer Degnan Roach Ki4477 Flipper Knife Titanium 3.5 inch blade

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