Ki4489 Yamakasi

US $ 300.00

Yamakasi (pronounced Ya-Makasi), the Congolese word embodying the concept of "Strength in One’s Self", also has the distinction of being the name of the first Parkour group. Just as in the art of Parkour, where creativity and uniqueness are prized attributes, you will find the Yamakasi to be a stunning creation from Mikkel Willumsen. A classic Willumsen design, its martial heritage evident in the intricate flowing surfaces and grinds of the knife, the Yamakasi flows through every drill aided by its secure Titanium handles and the lightening holes precisely drilled into the S35VN modified Tanto blade.

  • Folding Knives
  • Mikkel Willumsen
  • 83.6mm/3.29in
  • 196.5mm/7.74in
  • 116.5g/4.11oz
  • 4mm/0.16in
  • No
  • Titanium
  • CPM-S35VN
  • Flipper
  • No
  • Frame Lock
Mikkel Willumsen
With a distinctive mixture of functionality and features, Willumsen Urban Tactical brings to its users products that readily differentiate themselves from the usual scene. The classical features of timeless designs side by side with modern tactical functional requirements, Mikkel melds them easily into a sophisticated whole for the art lover with a hard edge.
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Kizer Yamakazie Ki4489

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