1029 Little River Bowie

US $ 130.00

Robust, functional and easy to carry, well-suited for either the great plains or the sly gambler's vest, the Little River bowie showcases the praised functionality of the traditional clip point bowie in a compact form. A great knife always at the ready for any task from the field to the shop to self defense.

  • Fixed Blade Knives
  • Dirk Pinkerton
  • 78mm/3.07in
  • 3mm/0.12in
  • 201mm/7.91in
  • G-10
  • 1095
  • 4" to 5"
Dirk Pinkerton
Honed by 18 years in the Security Industry, Dirk is famed for his effective, no non-sense, and explicitly purpose-driven models. This dynamic approach to knife designs fuels the growing demand for Dirk's creations.
Design Story

Pinkerton Little River Bowie Unboxing

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